Support Centre for Publishers


1. What is adtify?

adtify is self-service network of performance advertising based on a new, unique format. Advertisements are displayed on numerous thematically grouped websites. This allows advertisers to precisely reach recipients seeking specific information. Joining the network and viewing ads is quick and easy. Check it out for yourself.

2. How does advertising in a adtify format work?

Adtify format this widget in the form of an ad box appearing at the bottom of the browser. It presents the advertising material consisting of advertising title, content and images of 100 x 100 pxs size.
It has been our goal to achieve an aesthetic effect on the websites and we are determined to keep working on an even better result in this field. Adtify advertising appears discreetly and has a user friendly character. It resembles a notification system popularised by Facebook where small boxes containing messages emerge on the side. This system has proven to be effective and very non-invasive.


3. How to join the adtify network?

In order to join the adtify network, follow the instructions below:
1. Register as a publisher and add your first website
2. Log in to the panel and provide all the necessary information in the “Data”, “Settlements” tab
3. Get the issue code for the added website, provided as a small script. Code is available in the ”My Documents” tab.
4. Add the issue code in the source code of the website.
Upon verification, adtify widget will run on your website within 24 hours. Ad publishing can be terminated at any time. From that moment, you can monitor the statistics of the ads as well as your profits which, we honestly believe, will come quickly.

4. Do Publishers pay for the registration and joining the network?

They don't. Publishers or website owners do not bear any costs. Such practice is unheard of. In the end of the day, the Publishers are here because they wish to make money, not spend it.

5. May all websites issue adtify ads?

Vast majority of websites pass the verification. Each site is examined individually. Basically, if it is not linked to any terrorist group, it is accepted to display the adtify widget with ads. The popularity of the website is not considered.


6. How is commission calculated?

Publishers are paid in the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model. The amount you receive per click depends primarily on the subject of your website, combined with how interesting the ad is to the recipients. Price per click can range from a few Polish grosz to approximately PLN 1.

7. How much can I earn through adtify?

Your remuneration depends on the number of unique users visiting your website and the website subject. It ranges from a few dozen zloty to a few hundred or even a few thousand. If your website is visited by millions of recipients, with the money earned in adtify in one year you will be able to buy a new super-fast car. You never know... We just hope that you will let us see it!


8. Do I need to register as business?

No, you don't. Many people, including bloggers, do not run their own businesses, which does not mean that they can not make money on the websites they manage. When you register, simply indicate that you act as a natural person. After providing all the required information in the Publisher's panel, a bill is generated prior to each payment. Once it is signed by you and returned by mail or online, it becomes the basis for the payment of remuneration. Each bill also includes a statement confirming that you do not run a business and and one more confirming that you are not registered as a VAT payer. As a natural person you will receive a PIT (Personal Income Tax form) for the previous year. Besides, all the accounting is automated now. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we managed to arrange the adtify network accounting in such an exquisitely simple way.

9. I run my own business. How do I claim my commission?

Every month a revenue declaration is generated. It constitutes a basis for the VAT invoice that you then issue and send to us. Your commissions is settled in compliance with this invoice. For more information, visit the “Payments” tab.

10. When will I get paid?

The revenue declaration is generated on the 7th day of the month for the previous month, regardless whether you are a natural person or you represent a company. Once we receive your bill or invoice, it will be settled within 14 days and the money transferred into your account.

11. Why work with adtify?

Working with us is easy - all you need is a one-off addition of an adtify ad code and you can expect additional revenue from your website. Why not go for it? Adtify format does not interfere with the majority of online ad formats, which means you do not have to give up your existing revenues. We do not require exclusiveness or signing contracts. Should you wish to opt out, simply suspend the issued codes in the My Pages tab and remove the code from your own site. It's that simple.

You settle up with us in CPC model. High efficiency at competitive rates. See more