Support Centre for Advertisers


1. What is adtify?

adtify is self-service network of performance advertising based on a new, unique format. Advertisements are displayed on numerous thematically grouped websites. This allows advertisers to precisely reach recipients seeking specific information. Joining the network and viewing ads is quick and easy. Check it out for yourself.

2. How does advertising in a adtify format work?

Adtify format this widget in the form of an ad box appearing at the bottom of the browser. It presents the advertising material consisting of advertising title, content and images of 100 x 100 pxs size.
It has been our goal to achieve an aesthetic effect on the websites and we are determined to keep working on an even better result in this field. Adtify advertising appears discreetly and has a user friendly character. It resembles a notification system popularised by Facebook where small boxes containing messages emerge on the side. This system has proven to be effective and very non-invasive.


3. How to join the adtify network?

In order to join the adtify network, follow the instructions below:
1. Register as an advertiser
2. If you wish to receive an VAT invoice after each payment, complete all required fields in the Settings tab ("Contact details")
3. Create an ad by entering the title, content, forwarding URL and an image of 100x100 pxs in size. Next define the CPC (Cost Per Click) amount.
4. Assign the ad to one of the existing campaigns or create a new one. For new campaigns remember to define the campaign duration and total/daily budget as well as select the thematic categories of the websites where your ads are to be displayed plus the campaign locations
5. Top up your account with the funds you allocated on the issuance of all your ads
6. The campaign and ad settings can be modified at any time. You can also top up your account with additional funds.
From that moment, you can monitor the statistics of your ads in a clear form, verify their efficiency and enjoy new customers.


4. Where do I start?

Start off by creating a new campaign. Define its name and schedule. Once it's done, add the advertisements by assigning them to campaign you've created. Detailed information can be found on the web pages where campaigns and ads are added.


5. How am I billed?

Advertisers are billed in the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model. It means that they are only charged for unique clicks.

6. What CPC should be applied to ads?

It depends on several factors. When you define an ad, a CPC level is suggested to you, which you may or may not accept. The category of services where your ads are to be issued as well as other campaigns carried out at the same time are also significant. The minimum rate is PLN 0.15 net per unique click. If you want to increase the volume of views, which translates directly to the number of clicks, you may decide to define a higher rate. Alternatively, you can work on the ad title, content and images in order to make them more interesting to the recipients.

7. How can I be sure that no-one clicks my ad budget out?

We have developed an efficient anti-fraud system which processes all the clicks daily and rejects all those deemed fraudy. In other words, clicks created by rogue publishers will always be spotted. Then, the system verifies the uniqueness of all individual clicks based on user IDs. Current statistics present unique clicks, counted on the basis of data provided by cookies. Remember that these are only approximates and are later meticulously verified by our algorithm and possibly corrected, usually for the benefit of the advertisers.

8. Is is possible to receive a pro-forma invoice to make a transfer?

Yes, it can be ordered while topping up your account. After entering the amount, click on the "Generate a proforma invoice and top up with online money transfer". Then, following the transaction, an automatically generated proforma invoice will wait for you in “Settlements” section, regardless of whether the transaction has been successful or not.

9. Will I receive an invoice after the payment is made?

If you want to receive invoices for each settled payment, you must complete the required fields in “Settings” (Contact Details). Then, after each payment, an invoice will be generated, available in the Settlement section. It can be then saved and printed out.

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